G17/G18 - Girls, Women and Physical Activity: religion, culture, tradition and national policies around the world

Gudrun Doll-Tepper

Chair: Gudrun Doll-Tepper (DEU) - Vice-President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation.


A Symposium in Memory of Margaret Talbot

This symposium is supported by NIKE Inc. in memory of Professor Margaret Talbot, President of ICSSPE and co-author of Designed to Move

Margaret Talbot was a lifelong advocate and activist for equity in sport, physical activity and physical education. She was President of ICSSPE from 2009 until her death in December 2014. Before that, she was Vice-President of ICSSPE, as well as holding a number of key positions for sport advocacy, including President of the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women, Chief Executive of the Central Council for Physical Recreation and the Association for Physical Education, both in the UK. Margaret Talbot was a Professor and a visionary leader. This symposium seeks to recognize a life dedicated to ensuring sport and physical activity for everyone.

The Symposium
The ambition of this event is to bring together a group of experienced leaders from the sport movement to share and discuss solutions to a perennial challenge in sport: promoting girls’ and women’s engagement with physical activity. This was one of the dominant themes throughout Margaret Talbot’s career, and it continues to be a topic of considerable importance. It is known, for example, that in almost every country in the world girls’ and women’s levels of physical activity are lower than those of boys and men. This has proven to be a difficult problem to solve.

Together, presenters will offer insights into a cluster of questions that are fundamental to understanding and addressing the challenge of fair and equitable sport for all:
• What roles do religion, culture and tradition play in promoting or inhibiting girls’ and women’s sport and physical activity?
• How can we understand the interactions between sport, gender and social practice?
• What are the drivers and barriers for girls’ and women’s sport and physical activity?
• How can we move towards a better appreciation of girl- and women-friendly sport and physical activity?
By discussing the vital roles of religion, culture, tradition and policies in girls’ and women’s lives, by
Challenging assumptions, and by offering symposium participants the opportunity to discuss and reflect on their own experiences, the symposium aims to generate new ways forward in one of sport’s toughest challenges.


Tansin Benn1. Tansin Benn (GBR) - University of Plymouth, UK.

Title Presentation: Building bridges: Reflections on improving inclusion in sport across religious and cultural boundaries

Jorid Hovden2. Jorid Hovden (NOR) - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Title Presentation: Powerful women as change agents in Scandinavian sport

Pablo Scharagrodsky3. Pablo Scharagrodsky (ARG) - Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina.

Title Presentation: Girls, women and physical activity in Argentina. Past and present

Claudia Bokel4. Claudia Bokel (DEU) - Former Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, Germany.

Title Presentation: Girls, women and sport: Athletes’ perspectives

Richard Bailey5. Richard Bailey (DEU) - ICSSPE, Germany
Title Presentation: Girls, women and physical activity: The limits of choice and opportunity