G10 - Quality Teacher Education: Global Challenges for Quality Physical Education

Mary O’SullivanChair: Mary O’Sullivan (IRL) - Is a professor at the University of Limerick (UL), Ireland and a member of the Irish Teaching Council. Mary served as Dean of the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences at UL (2008-2014) and as Associate Dean, College of Education, The Ohio State University USA (1999-2004). Mary's research interests are on the changing policy environment for teaching and teacher education and how these global policy issues impact Physical Education teacher education, teachers and school Physical Education. 


The pace and intensity of change in modern society has increased the complexity of teaching and placed significant challenges on teachers and those who prepare teachers. This has placed a spotlight on the quality of teacher education and teacher educators (Livingston, 2014) with demands for improvements in teacher education and physical education teacher education.  It has been argued that physical education will not change unless the ways in which teachers are educated change. The paradox however is that empirical research on the preparation of physical education teacher teachers is scarce. Questions about what constitutes quality in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) programmes receive too little attention. As an example, Palomäki et al (2014) argue that PE teachers’ knowledge of how to promote active lifestyles among pupils is quite limited and they have called for PE-for-health pedagogies as a critical component of physical education teacher education. A second challenge for teacher educators has been to maintain an active research identity while dealing with strategies to best engage pre-service students in learning to teach (Loughran, 2006: Mattsson, Vidar Eilersten, & Rossison, 2011). A third challenge is the global shift from university led to school based teacher education with fewer academic staff choosing to this research career path. These three presentations will address how these global challenges manifest themselves in PETE and how researchers and teacher educators are responding to these challenges.  There will be time for discussion of these issues with participants.


DouneMacdonald1. Doune Macdonald (AUS) - Is a professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching & Learning) at The University of Queensland, Australia. The past decade has brought a number of changes to the field of health and physical education in the school and tertiary sector. Professor Macdonald's research interests have attempted to understand these shifts through the lens of professional socialisation, discourse analysis and identity construction using predominantly qualitative methods. In particular, much of her work has addressed the challenges of curriculum reform and its impact upon teachers and teaching.

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Bryan McCullick2. Bryan McCullick (USA) - Is a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at The University of Georgia, USA. His research targets issues germane to Teacher/Coach Development and Expertise. He has presented his work to scholarly societies worldwide, is a former Associate Editor and current Editorial Board member for Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, a Fellow in the Research Consortium and on the editorial board for JTPE and Sports Coaching Review. Prof McCullick served as a Fulbright Specialist Scholar at the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) in 2012.

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