Herbert Löllgen (DEU)

Herbert LollgenProf. Dr. Med. Herbert Löllgen, FACC, FAHA, F. FIMS. Former Head of Dept. of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Sports Cardiology, Remscheid (GER), Academic Hospital Univ. Bochum (1985-2008), now private practice (2008) Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Sports Cardiology, Joh. Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany. Past and Honorary President of the German Fed. Sports Medicine, Chairman for Scientific and Education Comm. of EFSMA (Europ. Fed. Sports Med. Ass.), Sports Cardiology Working Group, Sports Univ., Cologne; Sports Medicine consultant for the German Olympic Sports Society; consultant for Space Medicine to ESA (European Astronauts), Cologne, Germany. Main Research and Publications: Ergometry (head, working group on ergometry in ICSSPE for many years), cardio-pulmonary function, space medicine, sports medicine and sports cardiology, especially prevention and rehabilitation by physical activity.

Evidence Base Recommendations for Exercise in Health and Disease

Abstract: Regular physical activity (PA) is now widely accepted as one of the most important factors to maintain or improve health and to prevent numerous non-communicable diseases. PA reduces risk of all-cause-and cardiovascular morbidity, mortality and has pleiotropic effects on many organs and organ systems. Risk reduction also occurs during rehabilitation. Regular PA also supports therapy among others in many cardiovascular, metabolic and tumor diseases. Accordingly, regular physical activity can be assumed to act like a drug: there are many indications, a non-linear dose-response curve, many somatic and psychosmatic effects, only few side effects and contraindications. This paper gives an overview on the evidence based recommendations for PA and training in prevention and therapy. Besides, for children, adolescents and elderly subjects at all ages, PA is an important action to preserve by personal responsibility lifelong health, quality of life and autonomy in old age.