Traditional and indigenous sports and games

Wolfgang BaumannChair:  Wolfgang Baumann (DEU) - Secretary General, TAFISA, Frankfurt, Germany.


The key theme of the Symposium extends to the heart of sport: Traditional and Indigenous Sports and Games (TSG). The rise of the international sports movement in the 20th century has caused TSG to fall behind or even disappear. But there is good news: TSG are coming back to life again. The Indigenous games are revitalized in different ways, bringing new identities. This renaissance is due to the significant role TSG and indigenous games can play today as part of our cultural heritage and local identity. On this background the rise of TSG also documents that globalization often creates sociocultural paradoxes. This implies that globalization on the one hand has led to a universal global culture in sports as it is reflected by for example the Football World Cup with its high degree of standardization. But on the other hand globalization strengthens traditional culture as a counterbalance illustrated by the renewed interest in the development of TSG and indigenous games. This is an example of sociocultural paradox of globalization, which has the most direct impact on individuals. It appears that the re-appearance of TSG is a sign for the “survival of the specific” and a chance to enjoy diversity in spite of globalization. The question now is how can we benefit from this new trend to rediscover TSG and indigenous games? Can TSG and indigenous games help us and if yes in which way to bring back physical activity into everyday lives? Can the aged activities of the past be a resource of today to increase sport participation amongst citizens? It is the mission of this Symposium to come up with concrete and practical answers to these and other questions for the future work in the field of indigenous Games and TSG.


Maria Beatriz Rocha Ferreira1.Maria Beatriz Rocha Ferreira (BRA) - Federal University of Grande Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

Title Presentation: Indigenous Games: Identity, Gender and Revitalization Process

Wolfgang Baumann2.Wolfgang Baumann (DEU) - Secretary General, TAFISA, Frankfurt, Germany.

Title Presentation: Traditional Sports and Games as an example of Sociocultural Paradox of Globalization in Sport

Leonard Thadeo3.Leonard Thadeo (TZA) - TAFISA Vice President Africa, Ministry of Sports, Tanzania.

Title Presentation: Traditional Sport and Games: a Bond of Unity and Recreation -The African Perspective

Malgorzata Bronikowska4.Malgorzata Bronikowska (POL) - University of Poznan, Poland.

Title Presentation: Bridging the Past and the Future - Traditional Sports and Games from a Historical Perspective