The crucial role of primary school physical education – Creating early positive movement experiences and a broad movement foundation for all children

Martin HolzwegChair: Martin Holzweg (DEU) - EUPEA, Executive Committee Member.


School Physical Education plays a major role in providing a sound movement foundation for all children. As several studies show (e.g. Bailey, Holzweg et al., in preparation), children that experienced early positive movement experiences and developed a broad movement foundation will probably be physically more active in their later life than children that did not experience early positive movement experiences or did not develop a broad movement competence.
This symposium deals with the crucial role of primary school physical education in children’s development from different perspectives [philosophical perspective, cognition perspective, health perspective, educational perspective, intercultural perspective] in an inter-disciplinary way [sport pedagogy, (neuro) psychology, sport didactics, (neuro)physiology, comparative physical education/sociology].
In order to not only relate to the ICSEMIS 2016 convention topic “Saying yes to diversity in sport” from a content point of view this symposium consists of six academics (three female speakers, two male speakers & one male chair) from three different regions (Europe, Asia & Latin America) and of different age groups.


Rose-Marie Repond1.Rose-Marie Repond (CHE) - EUPEA, Past President, Magglingen, Switzerland.

Title Presentation: Values education, equity issues (socio-economic background, gender and inclusion) and early positive movement experiences in primary school physical education

Claude Scheuer2.Claude Scheuer (LUX) - EUPEA President, Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Title Presentation: Diverse approaches to improve the quality of primary school physical education - What can we learn from the past and from different regions in the world (Europe, Asia and Latin America)?