Stella PeccinChair: Maria Stella Peccin (BRA) - Federal University of São Paulo, Human Movement Science Department, Santos, São Paulo, Brazil.


Rehabilitation is a broad theme, and in this symposium, we will seek to address the state of art of research in some areas involving Rehabilitation. We will start with physical training in cardiovascular diseases, followed by physical activity in rheumatic diseases, specifically in arthritis, and finally, the focus will be on sports: phototherapy applied to sports and the best scientific evidence available in sports physiotherapy. Prof. Carlos Negrão will address cardiovascular disease (CVD) and physical training (FT). Growing evidence shows that physical training (PT) has a very important role in the prevention and treatment of CVD. PT has been highly recommended both to reduce cardiovascular risk factors, as well as for the treatment of CVD. The changes caused by CVD in the autonomic control and its hemodynamic consequences will be described, as well as the benefits of PT in patients with CVD. Emphasis will be given to the improvement in vagal/sympathetic controls, sympathetic nerve activity, and renin-angiotensin system. Furthermore, the mechanisms involved in these changes and the clinical implications of all the changes achieved through PT in patients with CVD will be discussed. Prof. Sara Piva will talk about physical activity in arthritis. For decades the value of physical activity in arthritis has been questioned. The current evidence strongly supports that regular physical activity is a key ingredient in the treatment of these patients. Exercise not only reduces pain and improves musculoskeletal health, but also reduces inflammation, improves metabolism and mood, and prevents further disability. To enjoy the benefits of physical activity, patients need to use appropriate doses of exercise and follow the basic principles of physical training. However, exercise is rarely prescribed as a medicine; but when prescribed, the doses that are used are generally substandard and insufficient for a therapeutic effect. These issues along with strategies to prescribe exercise in arthritis, with emphasis in osteoarthritis will be discussed. Prof. Nivaldo Parizotto will address the theme phototherapy applied to sports. Many devices using Lasers and LEDs present real effects on human body as analgesic, controlling inflammation and healing different kind of tissues. However, a new approach to human performance is the innovative application of this therapeutic modality. Published data suggest that the application of this therapy is safe and efficient on human performance, including in sports. Results from different research groups will be presented, indicating best dosages and techniques, including the technologies used, advantages and limitations. Lastly, Prof. Stella Peccin will present scientific evidences in sports physiotherapy. There is a number of scientific publications related to physical therapy in sports that tested a variety of interventions. However, there is no consensus on which intervention is more effective. The aim of this presentation is to present some of the best evidence-based approaches available in physical therapy in sports, and where and how to identify them. Also, the lack of evidence on the treatment effect of some approaches will be discussed.


Carlos Negrão1.Carlos Negrão (BRA) - Heart Institute, Clinical Hospital, Medical School, and School of Physical Education and Sport, University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Title Presentation: New Paradigms of Exercise in Cardiovascular Diseases

Sara Piva2.Sara Piva (USA) - Department of Physical Therapy and Clinical and Translational Science Institute at the University of Pittsburgh.

Title Presentation: Physical activity in Arthritis

Nivaldo3.Nivaldo Parizoto (BRA) - Professor at Post Graduation Program of Biotechnology – UNIARA, Full Professor Senior (retired) – DFisio-UFSCar.

Title Presentation: Phototherapy applied to sports.

Stella Peccin4.Maria Stella Peccin (BRA) - Federal University of São Paulo, Human Movement Science Department, Santos, São Paulo, Brazil.

Title Presentation: Evidence-based physical therapy in sports