About ICSEMIS 2016 Logo

When we were asked to create the ICSEMIS 2016 logo, we received some recommendations, where it was clear that we could not use the default olympic symbol (five rings world-famous logo), meaning the 5 continents with each continent represented by a ring of a certain color (Blue-Europe, Yellow-Asia, Black-Africa, Green-Oceania and Red-America).

Therefore we did not use the rings and the consecrated configuration, but segments or parts thereof, keeping the idea of ​​colors (including the same continent colors corresponding to the Olympic rings: Europe-Blue, Asia-Yellow, Africa-Black, Oceania-Green and America-Red) into another symbol which no way resembles the traditional logo.

In addition we put a section devoted to the host country (Brazil) using the exact colors of the national flag, according to the official page of the Brazilian Government (green, yellow, blue and white).
We also contemplated the host city of the event, Santos, with its sun and beaches.
Please observe the summary below:                                                                                                                          Download ICSEMIS Logo